30 October, 2017

Terrorism in the GCC: 16 – 23 October 2017


Terrorism and the war against it require functioning collective action which, in itself, requires a flow of information that can help decision makers understand the challenges posed by collective adversaries and the manner in which allies develop their counter-terrorism capabilities. 

The Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) is proud to announce a weekly bulletin service that presents country briefings on terrorism-related news each week. In this way, we hope to make a contribution to enhancing EU-Gulf relations in the war against terrorism and extremist ideologies.

By: Wouter Jansen 


Kingdom of Bahrain

18 October 2017 - Bahrain’s Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashed al Khalifa, has accused Iran of harbouring 160 convicted terrorists from Bahrain, who were stripped of their citizenship due to terrorism cases that targeted Bahrain’s security and police personnel. The Minister also accused Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of having trained this group, saying that Shia Iran regularly meddles in the internal affairs of the Sunni ruled Kingdom of Bahrain. 

23 October 2017 - Bahrain’s head of the Military Judiciary, Brigadier Yusuf Rashid Flaifel, said on Sunday (22/10) that Bahrain’s counter-terrorism security agencies have arrested multiple persons affiliated with a terrorist cell that was involved in several crimes against the Bahrain’s Defense Force (BDF). 

State of Kuwait

19 October 2017 - At the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in St. Petersburg on Wednesday (18/10), Marzouq Al Ghanim, of the Kuwaiti delegation, said that the Israeli delegation represents the “worst form of terrorism, which is state terrorism.” 

State of Qatar

23 October 2017 - Alittihad newspaper has suggested that Qatar is transferring ISIS fighters from Iraq and Syria to Libya. According to the newspaper, several military sources, including Libyan military officials, have said that the terrorist are transferred through Turkey to Libya. 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

18 October 2017 - In Saudi Arabia, a body of Islamic scholars from around the world, based in Medina, are set to discuss the interpretations of the Prophet Mohammad’s teachings in order to prevent them from being misinterpreted and misused to justify terrorism and violence.

21 October 2017 - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE both released statements in which they express their happiness that the city of Raqqa was liberated from ISIS. Saudi Arabia stated that this was a very important step in continuing their fight against terrorism in Syria, Iraq and the rest of the region. 

The United Arab Emirates

23 October 2017 - The US Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the US Consulate General in Dubai have warned US citizens living in the United Arab Emirates to be more cautious in their daily lives. The US believes that, due to coalition air strikes, the chances of an attack on US citizens are increasingly likely. 

Side note on the terrorist attacks in Kabul and Giza:

21 October 2017 - All members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have condemned the terrorist attacks that targeted two mosques in Kabul, Afghanistan. It also reaffirmed its stance on combatting terrorism and sends its condolences to everyone affected. All countries also condemned the attacks in Giza, Egypt, which led to the deaths of several police officials, on Saturday (21/10), in the strongest way.