12 October, 2016

War in Syria will not be won until one side wins: Analyst

The US has called for Russia to be investigated for war crimes in Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday accused Moscow of deliberately targeting hospitals and medical facilities in Aleppo. Two weeks of heavy bombardment by the Russian and Syrian government has left over 270 people dead and sparked fierce diplomatic activity. France on Saturday will submit a draft resolution to the UN security council calling for an end to the bloodshed. Russia has threatened to veto it. But by way of compromise, Moscow says it will call on Bashar Al Assad to allow al-Nusra fighters to retreat from Aleppo. This, after UN Special Envoy Staffan De Mistura said he would personally escort the jihadists out of the city if it would stop the fighting. Dr Mitchell Belfer, the Director of the Euro-Gulf Information Centre in Rome, says Russia's goodwill gesture shouldnt' be taken seriously.