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Coping with Coronavirus Series

Disinformation in the Time of Coronavirus

Online Event

Disinformation in the Age of Coronavirus

Date:   07 April 2020

Online:  Zoom Platform

Online Streaming Available here

**Please note that to due to enhanced security measures introduced by Zoom, to access the webinar it is necessary to enter a password. The password is: EGIC

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has been accompanied by an upsurge in public debates and information about the origins, nature and impact of the COVID-19 virus. Sadly, despite it being a global pandemic it is not free from deliberate, concentrated disinformation campaigns. The environment of chaos and fear is being exploited by malicious actors spreading false information and conspiracy theories, which might endanger public health and further incite chaos. At the same time, a number of public personalities, particularly populist politicians, have also spread lies about COVID-19. Who are some of the actors behind the disinformation campaigns? Why are they doing it? And how to prevent the spread of false information?

In the ‘Coping with Coronavirus’ series of webinars, the Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) seeks to inform the wider public about the various aspects and both short- and long- term implications of the COVID-19 crisis from various perspectives. In order to gain a deeper understanding about the effect of coronavirus pandemic on disinformation, it is our pleasure to invite you to the third eRoundtable titled: ‘Disinformation in the Time of Coronavirus’, which will be held via Zoom platform on Tuesday, 7 April 2020 from 11:00 to 12:30 (CET).

List of speakers:

  • Sulaiman Alwadai - Researcher, International Institute for Iranian Studies (RASANAH), Riyadh

  • Martina Klimes - Advisor Water & Peace, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

  • Alessandro Politi - Director, NATO Defense College Foundation, Rome

  • Michael Zinkanell - Research Fellow, Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES)

The discussion will be moderated by Mitchell Belfer, President Euro-Gulf Information Centre EGIC.

Click here for the Streaming

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