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Italy's Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Keeping track of priorities, goals and alliances
in the heart of the Mediterranean 

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Date:         06  September  2018

Location:  EGIC HQ
                  Via Gregoriana 12, Roma

We at the EGIC kick-start the Autumn with our traditional high-level event analysing Italy’s foreign policy in the Middle East, dedicated to foreign diplomats and journalists based in Italy.


Italian analysts and academics, with long-standing experience in political advisory and consultancy, joined us to discuss, dissect, evaluate Rome's contemporary strategies in the Middle East and North Africa region. What priorities? Which alliances? What long-term objectives?

This year the attention was focused on traditional themes such as the Libya- Sub-Saharan region, the Levant and Italy's leadership of Lebanon's UNIFIL mission, the Italian position on the nuclear deal with Iran, and the watershed currency crisis in Turkey.

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