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The Great Rivalry IV


the State/Non-State Actor Nexus

in the Mediterranean and the Arab World

The Great Rivalry IV (3).png

Date:   02 October 2019

Location:  Centre for American Studies,

Via Michelangelo Caetani 32, Rome

The Great Rivalry conference series examines the evolution of geopolitics in the wider Middle East and North Africa, on an annual basis, with high-level scholars, practitioners and policy-makers. The 2019 chapter gravitated around how states interact with non-state actors such as terrorist groups, proxies, religious and political minorities, among others. The strategic flash points of Libya, Syria and Iraq were explored in depth.

Mitchell Belfer
Alessandro Minuto Rizzo
Michael Stephens
Daniele Raineri
Raineri, Battaglia, Belfer - IV
Raineri, Battaglia, Belfer - IV
Stephens, Melcangi, Minuto Rizzo -IV
The Great Rivalry IV - Questions
Stephens, Melcangi, Minuto Rizzo -IV
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