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Turkey, Iran, Russia urge lasting ceasefire in Syria 
'Don't be fooled'

04 April, 2018

The presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran have called for a "lasting ceasefire" to end Syria's seven year war.

The announcement was made Wednesday at their second 3-way summit in Ankara, which came just hours after the US announced it would be pulling out from Syria "very soon."

They were discussing reconstruction efforts and ways to coordinate a joint humanitarian response, notably in Eastern Ghouta.

Eastern Ghouta was one of the de-escalation zones agreed on by the three powers, at the last trilateral summit in Moscow, in November.

But since February, strikes by Syrian-Russian backed forces have killed about 15 000 civilians.

For Mitchell Belfer, Director of the Euro Gulf Information Centre in Rome, the three power brokers can't be trusted, he tells RFI's Christina Okello.

It is possible to listen to the entire interview at this link !

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