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Origins of the Gulf Crisis


Bahrain-Qatar Relations

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Date:         30 Novembre 2018

Location:  EGIC HQ | Via Gregoriana 12, 00187, Rome

On 30 November we will examine. from a historical point of view, the territorial sources of tension in the Gulf, exploring the Bahrain-Qatar Relations through the historic case of Al Zubara.


To address this topic, the EGIC invited an expert, Dr Gerald Power, historian and lecturer at the Metropolitan University Prague.

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Lecture Series: The Middle East in Crisis


The Euro-Gulf Information Centre, (EGIC), is proud to announce its latest Lecture Series ‘The Middle East in Crisis’ to explore the defining challenges in Middle Eastern political life. The lectures will bring scholars and practitioners of security, war and peace—from around the world—to address Rome’s diverse audience; academics, students, diplomatic personnel and others interested in the politics of the Middle East. Voltaire once said, ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ At EGIC we encourage debate as we believe that giving space to different opinions is necessary to better understand the complexities of the Middle East.

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