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Coping with Coronavirus Series

The Middle East after Coronavirus

Online Event

EGIC_NATO Foundation Event Middle East a

Date:   21 April 2020

Time:   1100h - 1230h CET

Online:  Zoom Platform

Online Streaming Available here

COVID-19 is truly a global pandemic. Given its scope — having damaged every economic sector and wounding national states — this crisis will likely have a profound, enduring international impact. In the Middle East, a region already riven with internal conflicts, inter-state disputes and socio-economic pressures, the COVID-19 pandemic increases strain and adds to already often complex domestic situations. The most acute challenge will be played-out over the long-term. Although the future is uncertain, it is clear that the current situation will have a transformative impact on the region in the years ahead.


This webinar titled ‘The Middle East after Coronavirus’ seeks to anticipate changes before they happen and raise awareness on some of the possible impacts and future scenarios for the Middle East — as a region — after the COVID-19 pandemic dissipates. The event is co-organised by the NATO Defense College Foundation and the Euro-Gulf Information Centre and will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 from 11:00 to 12:30 CET.


Questions under scrutiny will include:


1.  What consequences will the COVID-19 crisis produce in the Middle East? 

2.  How will this crisis change the unfolding conflicts in the region?

3.  Will it fuel popular protests?

4.  Can we expect state paralysis and the rise of violent non-state actors as a result?





•        Lina AburousManaging Director, Strategy, Euraffex

•        Ahmed Elbaz, Director, Early Warning Centre, UAE 

•        Oded Eran, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for National Security Studies

•        Umberto Profazio, Maghreb Analyst, NATO Defense College Foundation


•        The event will be moderated by Mitchell BelferPresident, Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC)

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