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The Economic Impact of Covid-19, 5 Years Forward 

Online Event


Date:   12 May 2020

Time:   1100h - 1230h CET

Online:  Zoom Platform

Online Streaming Available here

What will the world look like post-pandemic? Will we return to our old ways or will there be a 'new normal?'

This e-seminar seeks to anticipate the world economy five years into the future. Public and private debts -- around the world -- are set to expand significantly, and their interests will absorb a larger share of fiscal revenues.


The pandemic will induce public opinion to care more about healthcare, no matter the financial burden. Supply chains could suffer a “de-globalization” effect and the pressure for a decoupling of Western economies from China will influence the years ahead. African economies will play an active role on the global level for the first time. Oil will still be a crucial commodity, but the producing countries will push forward their diversification strategies and the environmental issue of energy transition will remain a priority on the political agenda. Technology and artificial intelligence will play an even more pronounced role--for better or worse.


In this scenario, Europe, the United States, China, the Middle East and beyond will face a wide set of internal and external challenges of economic, socio-political and geopolitical character. Discussing what comes next, beyond the acute COVID-19 crisis may help orientate and prepare us for the complicated period of history we will soon enter.


EGIC is pleased to invite your participation in our upcoming event on 12 May 2020, 11:00h to 12:30h (CET), that seeks to answer the above and paint a vivid picture on what to expect.

Speakers List:


  • Mohamed Al Suwayed: former VRO Head (Vision Realization Office) at the Transport Ministry in Saudi Arabia. He worked in the field of asset management and equity investment advisory within the private sector, and had a regular column at Alriyadh newspaper as well as participating as an expert guest on several TV shows including Bloomberg TV.

  • Marco Valerio Lo Prete: journalist at Tg1 Rai (Italian national public broadcast), former deputy editor in chief of Il Foglio (Italian Newspaper), expert of public policies, demographics and economics.

  • Tereza Němečková: Assistant Professor at the Department of International Business at Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic. She specializes in development economics, her research interests include topics of the current economic development in Africa and EU-Africa relations. 

  • The discussion will be moderated by Piercamillo Falasca, EGIC Institutional Advisor.

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