In addition to the work we engage in with scholars, analysts and political figures in Europe and throughout the Middle East, we are also connected - on an institution to institution level - to a variety of organisations and specialised projects. The Euro-Gulf Information Centre enjoys special partnerships with the following:


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 Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center)

Established in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2019 the Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center) is a think tank, which provides strategic insights and policy recommendations on international affairs, thus making decision-makers, as well as experts in the field better equipped in analyzing outstanding issues. Our mission is to conduct comprehensive analysis of global and regional processes, and expand the scope of activities aimed at raising the international community’s awareness of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy priorities, particularly the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and regional security.


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Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES)

The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) was launched in 1996 following Austria’s accession to the EU. For over 20 years, the AIES has been researching on various issues regarding the European Union and the European Integration Process. In doing so, the focus lies on European Security and Defence Policy with regards to the European Neighbourhood Policy, transatlantic relations as well as the Austrian Foreign-, European and Security Policy. The AIES provides also demand-oriented analysis and recommendations for contract partners. It is also organizing internal workshops, training courses and public discussions in Austria and abroad. In the course of this interdisciplinary work the AIES team of experts is using a network of research, political, economic, social and military institutions, facilities of the civil society, the media as well as international organisations.



Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (Derasat)

Derasat is a think tank in the Kingdom of Bahrain that analyses and researches strategic developments on a national, regional and global scale that have relevance to Bahrain’s stability, prosperity and sustainability. It is dedicated to encouraging the use of research and dialogue to inform policy makers and interest groups and to increase understanding of current and emerging international issues. Its research comprises the following: Strategic & International; Energy; Economics; Surveys & Polling



Headed by Lina Aburous and Pelle Geertsen, Euraffex was founded on the shared belief that Brussels needed a boutique Public Affairs & Communications agency that truly put the client at the centre, and always aimed for high quality work. Dating back almost as long as the Juncker Commission, since the beginning, Euraffex has strived to break new ground and consistently works to bring Europe closer to the world, and the world closer to Europe. With clients coming from across the globe and a multinational team, Euraffex believes that European Affairs can always be done better.


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Center for Security Studies (C4SS) | Metropolitan University Prague (MUP)

The Center for Security Studies (C4SS) was established on January 1, 2009. Our main goal in this area is the linkage of internationally recognized research of global, regional, and local security issues with the creation of an intellectual environment conducive to the emergence of future generations of security experts from the Czech Republic and abroad.  The key four poles of C4SS research agenda are the following: 1) conflict resolution and transformation; 2) privatization of security and terrorism; 3) new security threats; 4) small states security.


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Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (CEJISS)

The Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (CEJISS) was founded in 2006, with the initial goal was to develop, and project globally, a uniquely Central European take on unfolding international and security issues. By the time of the first issue however, it became clear that CEJISS was also capable of acting as a platform for non-Central European scholars to present their academic research to a more regionalised audience. CEJISS has become a two-way street—it helps Central European scholars enter international academia and international scholars enter Central Europe. CEJISS now reaches an estimated 45000 people (annually) in more than 180 countries. CEJISS is committed to Open Access and ensures that all of its contents – in both hardcopy and electronic formats – remain free. 



Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs (CCEIA) | University of Nicosia

The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs is an independent, nonprofit making organization, whose mission is to advance multidisciplinary, scholarly and policyoriented research, provide advisory services and promote open debate with the objective of addressing problems and challenges at the national, regional, European and international level. Particular emphasis has been placed on Cyprus-related issues, Greco-Turkish relations, security and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean and the broader Middle East, ethnic conflict, socio-economic issues and challenges, issues of governance, political economy and European integration.



Modern Security Consulting Group MOSECON GmbH

The Modern Security Consulting Group MOSECON GmbH is a counter-terrorism, security and international affairs consultancy, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and London, UK. MOSECON offers strategic counter-terrorism and security advice that matches the flexibility, adaptability and speed of 21st century threats such as international and “homegrown” terrorism, international smuggling, extended organised crime, foreign fighters and mass attacks that require fast response times. As such, MOSECON’s personnel advises heads of state and government, governments, NGOs, think tanks and private companies around the world on how to develop counter-terrorism and security strategies and policies.


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Nato Defense College Foundation (NDCF)

The NATO Defense College Foundation was established in Rome in 2011. 

Its mission is to promote the culture of stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area and in NATO partner nations.

The Foundation is a unique combination of scientific freedom, private agility and institutional linkage. It builds upon the top level connections and operational experience in Trans-Atlantic outreach towards Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southern Mediterranean and West Asia.

Its scientific research consists of several activities: Strategic Trends, Food for thought, International conference, High-level seminar, advisory panels.



Centro di ricerca "Cooperazione con l'Eurasia, il Mediterraneo e l'Africa Sub-Saharian (CEMAS) | La Sapienza University of Rome

CEMAS is a University institution dedicated to plan and realize research activity. At the CEMAS Center, preeminent scholars and experts research topics of national and international relevance. We build a bridge between the worlds of academia and public policy, to inform and develop solutions to the nation’s problems and challenges. 
CEMAS conducts programmes in these main areas: Migration studies; Environmental biology; Human and Civil Rights; Development cooperation with Eurasia, Mediterranean area and Sub-Saharan Africa; Development Economy; International Politics; Fashion studies; Sociology and communication; History and anthropology; Languages and civilisation


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Experts of Academic Excellence Research Centre (EARC)

Experts of Academic Excellence Research Centre for research, training, and development is an outstanding academic institution, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, that includes a group of distinguished experts who have precious knowledge of creation and innovation. The centre is licensed and has a legal permit to run conferences, workshops, lectures, and symposiums. The centre aims to build a research hub between the middle east and the globe. Pioneering minds necessitate spaces in which to flourish and our centre is all about promoting innovation and enhancing excellence all the way through research and development. The prosperity and development of any society are rooted in an unremitting enhancement of research quality throughout sustaining and encouraging a higher level of research ethics.


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International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies (IMSISS)

The University of Glasgow (Scotland) organises the IMSISS Master in consortium with Charles University Prague (Czech Republic), Dublin City University (Ireland) and University of Trento (Italy).



Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

The Department of Politics and International Relations, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), has collaborated with EGIC from 2018, developing a partnership that enables the exchange of skills and ideas. EGIC will host the first NTU interns with an interest in Gulf politics and security in 2019. These students are already equipped with extensive knowledge of both theoretical and regional knowledge from their studies, as well as a range of transferable skills, including policy and security analysis, public speaking, and team work. NTU holds a number of distinguished awards, such as 2017 Times Higher Education University of the Year, 2018 Modern University of the Year and is ranked Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework.


The Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) is an initiative that aims to build social, political, strategic, cultural and economic bridges between the people of Europe and the Arabian Gulf.


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