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Italy suffers diplomatic blow after Libya strongman Haftar boycotts peace summit

An RFI broadcast including analyses by 
Umberto Profazio 
Mitchell Belfer 

Libya's rival factions and key international players kicked off a two day conference in the Italian city of Palermo Monday, in a fresh bid to solve the country's ongoing crisis.

The summit comes just days after the UN special envoy proposed a new plan for elections early next year as opposed to next month, and a national conference to reconcile Libya's tribal groups.

The summit will offer an opportunity to discuss the UN plan in more detail, but risks falling through even before it begins, after one of its main players General Khalifa Haftar announced that he will not attend.

RFI's Christina Okello looks at the issue with the analyses of Umberto Profazio (International Institute for Strategic Studies) and  Mitchell Belfer (President of The Euro-Gulf Information Centre).

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