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Trump Warming Up to Putin Threatens NATO
Ahead of Key Summit

An RFI Broadcast Including an Analysis by
Mitchell Belfer 

US President Donald Trump says an upcoming meeting scheduled for 16th July with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, might be "easier" than a gathering this week with NATO allies. Trump gave his opinion before setting off for a one-week trip to Europe, which will also include a highly controversial visit to Britain.

Trump also posted a series of Tweets criticizing other NATO members for not meeting defence spending targets, and warning that the US will not be in his words "taken advantage of" by the EU.

Dr Mitchell Belfer, President of the Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) said: "The US behaviour to the EU and to Nato are benefiting Russia. Donald Trump has not followed through a single policy statement that doesn't in someway benefit Russia, and that's dangerous."

The full analysis by Mitchell Belfer is available from 2'05'' to 2'58''.

Click here for the analysis. 

A further insight on the issue, with extracts from the interview, is available here.

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