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RD 7 - Italy's Foreign Policy in Middle Eastern Hotbeds: IRAN, LIBYA, SYRIA, YEMEN

   20 December, 2016   

On 07 September EGIC held an international debate titled "Italy's Foreign Policy in Middle Eastern Hotbeds: Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen".

It was a dynamic conversation between Italian analysts of international stature, unveiling the strategy and positioning of this Mediterranean power; strategically located at the geopolitical crossroads between Europe and the Middle East. Speakers: Mitchell Belfer (President of EGIC), Alessandro Politi(Director, NATO Defence College Foundation), Umberto Profazio (Analyst, Centre for Geopolitics & Security Studies & NATO Defence College Foundation), Daniele Scalea ( Director, Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie) and Federica Fanuli (Analyst, Institute for Global Studies).

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