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RD 8 - The Economic Future of the Gulf: Reform and Development - 23 September


On September 23rd, the EU-Gulf Information Centre has organized an important event titled "The Economic Future of the Gulf: Reforms and Development", a unique conference dissecting the many ground-breaking economic reforms taking place in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The event, one of the firsts discussing at length and from various perspectives the topic, was also aimed at exploring the new venues for cooperation opening up following to these reforms. The occasion has attracted over 100 guests to the historical “Istituto Luigi Sturzo” palace, located in the heart of Rome. Amongst them, decision-makers, economists, thinkers, diplomats and business-leaders – including the Heads of International Relations of the major Italian energy companies, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Economy, the international Chambers of Commerce. Most importantly, most of the institutional representatives expressed a strong interest in follow-up activities. 

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