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The Rome Dialogue X

Let's Talk About Sects 

The Reemergence of Sectarianism in the Middle East and What it Means for Europe

Location: Helsinki

Date: 2 March 2017


The Euro-Gulf Information Centre organised this conference to illustrate the rising sectarianism in the Middle East and its spill-over in Europe.

Sectarian propaganda and its reflective violence has unleashed a tidal wave of challenges to the Middle East and, by extension, those areas - including Europe, including Finland - that are proximate. This seminar has addressed this key ideological threat to peace and stability in the region, while reflecting on solutions to contain it.



  • Con Coughlin, The Daily Telegraph Defence Editor and Chief Foreign Affairs Columnist
    - Iranian Ambitions in and Throughout the Middle East

  • Piercamillo Falasca, Editor of Strade Magazine
    - The Rise of Islamic Sectarianism in Europe

  • Mitchell Belfer, President of the Euro-Gulf Information Centre
    - Some Solutions to Sectarianism: The Arab Gulf Model

  • Khalifa Alfadhel, Assistant Professor, International Law, University of Bahrain
    - From Tahrir to Manama: Sectarianism and Intolerance as a Result of the Arab Spring

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