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Strategic Contagion:
Africa, the Gulf and the Wider Middle East


By Nikola Zukalová


Strategic Contagion: Africa, the Gulf and the Wider Middle East

Conflict in the Middle East is spreading. A key strategic space — often overlooked in international affairs — is Sub-Saharan Africa. Rich in resources, poor in governance, the region has recently been added to the strategic radars of the more entrepreneurial trans-regional powers, particularly from the wider Middle East.


While this is generating renewed interest in the economic and political life of African states, it is also producing a spill-over effect and Middle Eastern tensions are being reproduced throughout the continent. Whether discussing terrorism and war, corruption and nepotism or geopolitics, it is becoming increasingly clear that the futures of Africa and the Middle East are bound together.


This publication series pries open the Pandora’s Box of political intrigue unfolding in the region. From Qatar and Turkey, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia to Israel and Iran (etc), information about alliances and deals, cooperation and competition will be brought into a public light.

This exclusive series, authored by EGIC’s own Ms Nikola Zukalová, will produce up-to-date and relevant analyses and profiles of the key actors involved in the scramble for Africa. 

18 June 2018

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