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        INFO-SHEETS:   Strategic development


The 14th International Defence and Security Technology Fair in Brno, Czech Republic, in (2017) unveiled crucial elements regarding UAE-Czech military cooperation to fulfil the long-term strategic and security objectives of both countries. The partnership between UAE’s Nimr automotive and Vop Cz, resulted in their first military vehicle collaboration for the production, in the Czech Republic, of Nimr’s Ajban 440A configured to European winter specifications. 

The new strategic partnership between Nimr’s automotive and the defence industry of the Czech Republic is particularly significant for a number of Eastern European members of the EU and NATO namely: Poland, Hungary Slovakia and the Czech Republic. These countries have made a substantial budget increase to modernise their land forces- prompted by Russia’s intervention in Eastern Ukraine- and enhance the rapid response capabilities of their special forces as the terrorist threat across the EU becomes increasingly dangerous. As such, UAE’s defence investments are warmly welcomed by Eastern European governments.