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Theresa May´s Leadership in Times of Brexit

By Emily Curryová (Guest Contributor)

On 04 April 2017 the British Prime Minister Theresa May shook hands with the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef and Sarah al-Suhaimi, head of Saudi stock exchange, during a visit to Saudi Arabia, an act which was to confirm the UK’s commitment to embark on an enduring partnership based on cooperation in the areas of security and trade. The visit can be understood as another step towards securing a stronger post-Brexit position within the Gulf region—this time with the UK´s largest trading partner from the Arab world. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, May seems to have taken a firm grip on striking new deals, a strategy that is to make a “strong and global Britain.”


The visit to Saudi Arabia is a follow-up of May´s longer-term strategy involving the Gulf, which commenced in December 2016, when she travelled to Bahrain to be the first ever British PM to attend the Gulf Cooperation Council meeting. Her speech abounded with references to historical ties that the UK has to the Gulf states and the need to renew the partnership and friendship in the future by focus