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Women in International Politics

Today and Tomorrow 

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Date:         05 September 2019

Time:    09:30 - 12:30 h

Location: 12 Place du Panthéon | Centre Panthéon | PARIS 

The question of women’s empowerment as full contributors and shapers to the society, alongside the issues of equality of rights and opportunities, is still one of the key challenges in Europe. In fact, despite all of the progress made in the past decades, women still often remain at the margins of decision-making and the loci of power. However, these challenges are now more than ever present in public awareness across Europe, and the momentum might be there to push through with new steps ahead. At the same time, these concerns extend beyond the borders of Europe, as the status of women in third countries, partnering with European ones, has often taken the spotlight. For much of the European public, promoting the values of gender equality cannot come be sacrificed for interests.


Against this backdrop, the Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC), in collaboration with Université Paris 2 Panthéon Assas and the Centre Thucydide and WIIS France (Women in International Security) is organising an international conference putting together extraordinary women, leaders in policy-making, media and academia, to present on the topic and then engage in a vivid debate with the public, dissecting all of the issues and shedding a light on the road ahead. 

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