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The Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) has prioritised a single goal: to advance understanding of the Gulf through dialogue and engagement. The work undertaken in pursuit of that objective is based on constructing socio-political, strategic, cultural and economic communities composed of both Europeans and people from the Arabian Gulf. Through specialised, tailored platforms, EGIC is able to assist in making important advances in human-to-human contact points and contribute to stimulate positive relations. Additionally, EGIC provides information services to individuals and organisations that seek to deepen their understanding of the main trends unfolding both in Europe and the Gulf. EGIC is a strong believer in Open Access materials and has removed all paywalls to its publications including: Information Sheets, Commentaries, Reports, Weekly Bulletins and our monthly newspaper, Dynamics. Additionally, EGIC organises -- both in physical and online platforms -- a wide assortment of events ranging from conferences and seminars to workshops, art exhibitions and specialised training.


EGIC is Headquartered in Rome, Italy. 


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