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The Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) is an initiative that builds socio-political, strategic, cultural and economic bridges between the people of Europe and the Arabian Gulf.  Founded on 01 October 2015 as a legal — not for profit — Association, in Rome, Italy, EGIC draws on the expertise of a multitude of scholars, policy makers, economists and members of European and Gulf civil societies to enhance inter-regional relations. This is done through a variety of activities including:


  • Acting as a Publishing Hub—for information related to the Arabian Gulf that ties into Euro-Gulf synergies. Our publications include: information sheets, weekly bulletins, commentaries, policy papers, special reports, books and our monthly newspaper, Dynamics.


  • Organising Seminars, Conferences, Dialogues and Roundtables—to provide expert insights into some of the more topical issues that define Euro-Gulf relations and to build person-to-person networks.


  • Traineeships—for university students and graduates to help develop their organisational, writing, presentation, analytical and innovative-thinking skills and to prepare them for careers in related fields. EGIC is a proud member of the ERASMUS Programme network and works closely with universities around Europe and the Arab Gulf.


EGIC is Headquartered in Rome, Italy (via Gregoriana 12, 00187) and retains a satellite office in Stockholm, Sweden (Kungsgatan 8, 111 43). Additionally, EGIC retains a presence in Brussles, London and Prague and is active throughout Europe and the Arab Gulf.

For queries please contact us at: info@egic.info.

Our Team

Mitchell Belfer

Director of Research

Martina Conte

Director of Communication

Marco Penna

Wouter Jansen
Analyst & Regional Outreach (BENELUX)

Cornelia Bjorquist
Head of Stockholm Office

Nikola Zukalova
Analyst & Regional Outreach (CEE)

Steering Committee

Piercamillo Falasca

Matthew Robinson

Velina Tchakarova


The Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) is an initiative that aims to build social, political, strategic, cultural and economic bridges between the people of Europe and the Arabian Gulf.


Italy Office (HQ)


+39 0689533208

Sweden Office



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