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The Issues of Strategic
Psychological Warfare with Daesh


Date:         05  October  2018

Location:  EGIC HQ
                  Via Gregoriana 12, Roma

Ancora 1

Psychological warfare has been a key issue characterising the fight against Daesh and must be carefully examined to prevent the group’s re-emergence. Internet propaganda has allowed terrorist organisations to recruit young fighters in an unprecedented fashion. Worryingly, as of today, most state actors lack strategies and expertise, to weaken Jihadi propaganda.


To explore such a complex issue the Euro-Gulf Information Centre has invited Evgeny Pashentsev, Russia’s leading expert in political communication strategies in the field of international affairs.


Lecture Series: The Middle East in Crisis

The Euro-Gulf Information Centre, (EGIC), is proud to announce its latest Lecture Series ‘The Middle East in Crisis’ to explore the defining challenges in Middle Eastern political life. The lectures will bring scholars and practitioners of security, war and peace—from around the world—to address Rome’s diverse audience; academics, students, diplomatic personnel and others interested in the politics of the Middle East. Voltaire once said, ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ At EGIC we encourage debate as we believe that giving space to different opinions is necessary to better understand the complexities of the Middle East.

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